We were honored to have immortalized the wedding of Kirshan and Robyn on the 15th of December 2012. The biggest wedding we have shot to date, 260 guests. This meant lots of group photos.

The morning (yes morning) began for the Bride at 06:00 am with a visit to the salon, preparation began at 10:30 at the brides’ house, and Make-Up was done by Roxanne Churchyard for the bride and her 3 bridesmaids. The Ceremony was at St Lukes – Orchards, with couple photos done at a nearby park. The bride arrived at the church, and I went up to the car to greet her and take a few pics, hen she asks me “What colour is his suit?” – Kirshan had been threatening to wear something other than black. I asked her, did she not know what colour the suit would be. “Knowing Kirshan it could be anything” she said.  It was race against the clock, as there was another wedding at the church shortly thereafter, and once we got to the park the skies started to turn grey. Luckily we finished in time before the rains started.

I realized again what a softy I am. The father daughter dance was danced to Butterfly Kisses. I thought I could hide behind the camera, but out the corner of my eye I noticed one of the guests smiling at me, as if to say “I saw you”.  The reason I was so teary eyed, was because that was the song I used to walk down the aisle on. And it brought back all the memories (from not so long ago- January 2012), and with that all the emotions.

The problem with that….. The tear drops splattered on my glasses which meant I couldn’t see properly, so I had to (in front of everyone) wipe the tears off the lenses. So now everybody that was watching them dance also saw me (blush) as I was in their line of sight.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I haven’t cried at any wedding I’ve covered, but always had the camera to hide behind. After Robyn and her Dad danced together, mom and sister came to join in, and then the waterworks started again ;-).

It was really a pleasure to have photographed this wedding; we were made to feel like family, and gorged ourselves on good food and desserts. Ok, maybe gorged is a bit of a strong word, but we really enjoyed the food and desserts, and the company. And the love that was shared between the family.

Robyn and Kirshan, after a year of “bad luck”, may this be the start to a year and lifetime of “good luck” and blessings. We wish you the best for your future together.

Much love Tarryn, Chris and Roelof.